Jim Belushi
My secret weapon

Megan Grano is my secret weapon. Obviously, she’s not a secret any more. I’m scared I’m going to lose her. She has coached me as an actor in numerous films (including the role of ‘Humpty’ in Woody Allen’s “Wonder Wheel”). She has helped me rewrite and present speeches for crowds of thousands, whether it’s a keynote speech at a convention or my stand-up comedy performances.  She has coached me in my delivery and helped with writing some of my content, and in our collaborations we always find humor and great depth. She is razor sharp, truthful, and tough. She has a way of saying “no, that stinks” in a manner that doesn’t hurt my feelings and only makes me laugh, then we collaborate and make it great. Megan is a true star and a true find and I hate that she’s becoming popular because now I have to make appointments and wait in line. No matter how long the wait in line is, it’s always worth it because after spending time together, I leave confident, with good work under my belt, and I am ready to tackle the world.